Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Dead Heading" 101

Good morning my Super Sexy Modern Latinas!

Today is Sin Verguenca Wednesday! Sin Verguenca Wednesday is a day where your nena will share with you something embarrassing. It is usually something that your nena is embarrassed about not knowing how to do. Your nena will investigar about how to do it, and will teach us all a little about that particular subject. On today's agenda, something that is a sin verguenca (my flower beds). Yes, mi'ja. Those pretty lil floresitas that your nena planted in the spring, aren't looking so pretty anymore. Que paso, you may ask? Well, mi'ja there is little thing called "dead heading." Apparently, those pretty little flowers will only last a few weeks or days before they need to be "dead headed." "Dead head? Aye! Quien se morio, and why is their head dead", you may ask. Aye mi'ja, this is a term for pinching or breaking off the dead floresita, so that other floresitas can grow and be beautiful in your garden or flower bed. When should you start to "dead head," you may ask. You should dead head a floresita when it is starting to turn brown, or wither. How do I do this? Well mi'ja, sorry to say but you are going to have to get your pretty lil manitas a little dirty. Wear gardening gloves if you like, but if you're like your nena, I love the sheer pleasure of pinching or snapping the dead floresita with my bare brown little fingers. You can also use small shears or scissors to do this if you like. Okay, mi'ja if you have an annual or periannual plantita, and it is starting to look ratty like our curly hair in the high heat of summer, then you need to trim that "ish." Just like we need regular trims to our cabello, so do our plantitas.

Speaking of "dead heading," I think we can apply dead heading to "nuestra vidas." Is there something in your life that you need to "dead head" that brings you down and doesn't allow you to be the best, brightest, beautiful floresita that Diosito created you to be? Maybe it is that dead beat celloso (jealous) boyfriend who holds you back from your dreams. Maybe it is that bad habit of smoking. Maybe it is that amiga who is always so negative, discouraging you from getting ahead in life. Maybe it is that day-in-day-out job, that doesn't pay very well or appreciate you. Maybe it's your own attitude, that you are not worthy enough to be loved or being too self critical of yourself. For your nena, I will be "dead heading," my own attitude of being too self critical of myself. Remember mi'ja "dead heading," is a good thing for our plantitas and our lives, that allow for new life to grow and be beautiful.

"dead heading," and growing into a beautiful floresita,

Tu nena para siempre,

The Latin Marrrrta Stewart ;)

Besitos!!! xoxoxo

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