Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Go Ugly or Go home!

Good morning my Super Sexy Modern Latinas!

Today is talk to me Tuesday. On Friday we learned some lessons from "The Hot Dog," and "The Governator." And today your nena, just can't leave it alone. Back in his hay day, I will give it to Arnold Schwarzenegar that he was pretty hot. Anthony Weiner....nice bod, pero kinda reminds me of an old slimy high school novio. But some nenas found him "hot". Now let's talk about these nenas who said "I do," to these perros. I wonder if before these nenas said "I do," if they worried about their "hot," fiancees/potential esposos cheating? Do you ever see a hot hombre with a mediocre nena? I mean, the nena isn't fea. But she's no Jennifer Lopez either. Your nena has long pondered this question....Why do "hot," hombres marry not so hot nenas? Are they attention seeking? Are they afraid that a beautiful counterpart will steal their thunder and turn more heads? Or maybe the nena has a great personality? Quien sabe! Now don't get me wrong mi'ja, it works both ways. Sometimes you see a gorgeous nena with a skinny rat face hombre. Forgive me mamita J.Lo, pero what were you thinking when you married the biggest rat face of them all Marc Anthony? Inquiring minds want to know. And to top it off, Rat face was married to Miss Universe at one time! Por que!? Okay, maybe it's his voice. Your nena is a sucker for hombres who can croon. But come on mi'ja, once the beer goggles come off, put your thinking cap back on. But back to our lesson from "The Hot Dog," and "The Governator." Most nenas will tell you that when they look for a potential marrido, they want a man who is:

1. Good Looking

2. Smart

3. Funny

4. Honest

5. Successful

6. Physically fit

7. Has all his teeth, and if they are straight and pearly white, then that's an added bonus!

8. Hardworking

9. Believes in Diosito

10. Good Credit

Notice, how off the top of my head and the first one that I wrote was "Good Looking?" Aye mi'ja don't judge your nena. As much as we say that looks don't matter, I think they do. But! In a day and age where "Good Looks," seem to cause many nenas heartaches and broken up marriages... Here is my question to you: Should nenas marry hombres who are ugly? Look at J.Lo, she married Marc Anthony and they are going on strong. (As much as I think she is way too gorgeous for him). Would you keep your beer goggles on for a lifetime of fidelity? Do ugly men cheat just as much as good looking men? And if you have a fine man mi'ja, you better keep his panza full of home made tortillas and budlights. Why do you think your mami still makes home made tortillas? Because your papi tells her too!? Tu crees, mi'ja. What nena is going to want a man who is fat and balding? Mami knows how to keep her man! All joking aside mi'ja. Tell me what you think. Should women marry ugly men?

Feeding her esposo homemade tortillas,

Tu nena para siempre,

The Latin Marrrta Stewart ;)

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